Thank You

December 24th, 2014

“Dear Sue & all of your wonderful staff,

Our Mother entered Christopher Grange for two weeks respite. From the moment she arrived at Marillac House she was made to feel so welcome and part of a very special family. She loved being in Marillac House so much that she stayed for over three years, till her death at 100 years of age.

She was so very, very happy all the time she spent there and adored the staff who really did treat her her with time, care, patience, respect and dignity. Nothing was ever too much trouble for any of them – they are all truly remarkable individuals.

We as a family also felt very much a part of Marillac House – all of the staff had time for a chat and a laugh, as well as keeping us informed of our Mothers care. We could sleep well at night knowing she was being so well looked after and was where she wanted to be.

She so loved being able to attend daily mass, have her hair styled and in her early days there, going on trips out.

All of this encompasses what Christopher Grange is about – a very caring, friendly, compassionate environment.

Thank you”

Mary C Downey
Steve Downey
B Downey

December 2014

Living in Christopher Grange

December 24th, 2014

“I am printing (my writing – really!) this while staying for the time being – with the ‘Brothers’ and ‘Sisters’ living here. I intend to fit in wherever possible and generally, make myself useful to this community. The have been very kind and extremely gracious to me (I have so far, asked for nothing in return – not so far anyway.)

Everyone I have met, has been extremely welcoming. I promise I won’t change into a ‘roaring‘ creature – its lovely here. Believe it or not – it really is cool, calm and collected (that all means ‘CALM!!!’) I can rest when I need to – someone will do the little things I do!!! Deo Gratias!!!

[I have just looked at my hands – they are not a pretty sight. Forever I am trying to make myself as useful as possible; most of the time]”

Kathleen Corkhill
November 2014

Christmas Cake

December 15th, 2014

We would like to thank Pat who works in the RVS coffee shop on a Thursday afternoon for donating us this cake to be raffled.