Living in Christopher Grange

December 24th, 2014

“I am printing (my writing – really!) this while staying for the time being – with the ‘Brothers’ and ‘Sisters’ living here. I intend to fit in wherever possible and generally, make myself useful to this community. The have been very kind and extremely gracious to me (I have so far, asked for nothing in return – not so far anyway.)

Everyone I have met, has been extremely welcoming. I promise I won’t change into a ‘roaring‘ creature – its lovely here. Believe it or not – it really is cool, calm and collected (that all means ‘CALM!!!’) I can rest when I need to – someone will do the little things I do!!! Deo Gratias!!!

[I have just looked at my hands – they are not a pretty sight. Forever I am trying to make myself as useful as possible; most of the time]”

Kathleen Corkhill
November 2014