3C Visit to an air raid shelter (Report from Nicole Form 3C)

June 27th, 2012

Today Form 3C went out to Stockport. We have been studying the Second World War in our History lessons. We went to an Air Raid Shelter and our guide for the visit was called Elaine. We discovered that 100 people had to fit in a narrow tunnel all at once (this would not be very comfortable.)

We tried gas masks on, they felt funny and smelt of rubber, when we spoke with them on our voices sounded weird. We also got to hold an incendiary bomb (not a live one, but still real) it was shaped a little bit like a rocket. We tried on the metal hats that the wardens would have worn; they were too big and wobbled on our heads.

We heard what the rattle sounded like that the warden would have used, it was very loud.

What 3C thought of the visit.

“It was a very different and interesting experience for us to take part in.” Caleb.

“The day was awesome.”Jordan

“I learnt a lot of things i didn’t know before, and I really enjoyed it.” Marla

“The day was brill and I enjoyed being able to feel different objects to do with the war. We won’t mention the toilets, yuck!” Nicole.