MidStream Work Related Learning

July 12th, 2012

Last week, St Vincent’s pupils of Key Stage 4 and Post 16 took part in a four day long experience of work.  The opportunity for this was provided by Midstream, a charity-sponsored, fully-operative garden centre in Skelmersdale that offers ‘hands on’ work activities and quality assured training, in a caring and supportive environment for young people and adults with special needs.

Pupils were placed in a variety of ‘employment’ positions, such as in retail, horticulture, office administration, or landscaping.  The purpose-built working environment required the pupils to work from 10am till 3pm, and adhere to strict break and lunch allowances.  Jobs and tasks were allocated on a daily basis by ‘line management’, and all of our pupils engaged fully and professionally in what was asked of them.

James said, “I loved it…I liked working in the soil with the spade, and brushing-up in the greenhouses”.

Gemma remarked, “It was a long hard day working in the shop and I was tired by the end, but that is what work is like, and I enjoyed it.  It felt good to do a good job”.