A Christmas Story

March 12th, 2019

On Rhona House something magical happened on the eve of the 12/12/18. The residents had their evening meal and were escorted to the dining room to await a surprise that had been arranged for them. Meanwhile Father Christmas, Mother Christmas, all his elves and helpers and the Grinch (yes! the Grinch) got together and chanted the magic words “Party Time Begin”. With that into the dining room entered little people all in fancy dress escorted by Father Christmas and all his helpers. The residents gasped in amazement, one shed tears of pure joy! Introductions were made and the ice was broken!  Then the magic happened! Residents and children participated together in musical statues, pass the parcel, the hokey kokie and many other games and silly dances and singing jingle bells. Shirley Bassey came for a one night only rendition and bowled everyone over with joy and laughter at her antics! The children especially, giggled a lot. To finish the entertainment the elves performed their take on elf yourself! The next day all the residents where so excited chatting about their experience and how good the children were. The staff on Rhona House truly pulled out all the stops by dressing up and bringing along their children and grandchildren. We all experienced immense joy and happiness!