Principal’s Christmas Message

December 16th, 2011

Well here we are again! Christmas upon us and it only seemed such a short time ago that we were welcoming the pupils back to school, after the summer vacation.

In the course of this term the young people have taken over the school and received certificates from the Children’s Commissioner to confirm that they have done so. They have also raised money through the Triathlon and have been busy these last weeks buying gifts and wrapping them to deliver to some of our more elderly neighbours. These are just two events in a very busy term in which are pupils demonstrate their awareness of responsibility and thinking of others. The term will end with Christmas Dinner attended by the Lord Mayor ofLiverpool, on Thursday 15th December and a Cabaret coordinated and performed by the pupils on the 16th December, before going home for the Christmas Vacation

More importantly, as a Catholic School that recognises and embraces all faiths, this is a period on the Church calendar that is of much significance and importance, the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. In our school community, these last few weeks, we have been preparing for our Nativity Concert, which is to be held in the school chapel on Tuesday 13th December at 2pm and 7pm. We hope to see many of you there, to share in this ‘different’ adaptation of the Christmas story.

The overriding message we hear at Christmas is one of ‘peace and good will’ to one and all. Hopefully, our nativity will further remind you of this and the importance, that this message is not just for Christmas, but an underlying principle of our faith and a reminder, of what should be, a way of life. I hope that you will be able to leave our Nativity, further inspired to live out the meaning of Christmas, throughout 2012.

Finally, may I wish you all a happy and holy Christmas followed by a New Year of promise and contentment.