Preparing for Christmas

December 2nd, 2011

The Primary pupils love Advent! We have been very busy preparing lots of special things for this season. Last week we visited Whitakers a big garden centre in Huyton, there was lots of lovely decorations and lights to explore. We had a little treat by visiting the café for a drink and a chocolate biscuit. Then we went outside and found a forest of Christmas trees, they were all different shapes, sizes and needle types. We wanted a small tree so that we could feel it all over, and we could reach to put the star on the top.

After a lot of discussion we chose the perfect tree, it was in a pot so we can plant it out after Christmas. As we travelled back to school the minibus smelt of pine.  We put our tree at the end of the corridor and we had a lovely time decorating it with white lights and silver baubles, it looks fantastic.