Christmas Nativity 2011

December 19th, 2011

The experience began as we walked down the corridors towards the Chapel where the performance was to be held.  Feathers festooned the window ledges and warnings were given about Angels who were all about you.

The Chapel space was transformed with moveable scenery, clever lighting and brilliant scenes sets. The chapel was packed and special guests enjoyed the heavenly experience along with parents and friends. Then the familiar story unfolded through carols and a witty, yet true account of the first Christmas. The pupils took their parts with confidence and skill. The Narrators and main actors spoke clearly and the soloists and musicians were a joy. Everyone used their talents well to make a splendid performance.

The finale made an important link with Easter when Fred the junior Angel was given the job of rolling away the stone on the first Easter day in 33 years time. Many Congratulations to the pupils for their uplifting performance and to all the staff who made it possible.  After the performance we were treated to home made mince pies and coffee. A perfect Christmas treat! Our special guests were the Lord and Lady Mayor at the afternoon performance and the High Sheriff of Merseyside in the evening. Happy Christmas everyone

Betty Jones, Chair of Governors