Ordre National de la Legion D’Honour

June 17th, 2016

Mr Philip Daniel, French Honorary Consul for Merseyside informed us that our Resident Jim was being presented with a medal from the President of France in honour of his bravery on D Day during the Second World War.

Jim was to be presented with ‘Ordre National de la Legion D’Honour’

The celebration and award was to be a suprise for Jim and there was a very busy week to prepare for the event.  Jim’s family supported us in gathering the information of Jim’s Army career whilst Philip Daniel gave us the itinerary of the presentation.

On 9th June 2016 Maureen and Pat assisted Jim to get ready for what he thought was a celebration for the Queen’s 90th birthday and this was the reason for Jim wearing his regiment outfit.  Staff we busy in the background preparing his celebration and the commitment/team work shown by everyone ensured this was a successful day for Jim, his family, our Residents and Jim’s Regiment.

Everyone including the Lord Mayor, Councillor Roz Gladden, the High Sheriff of Merseyside, Jim Davies, Philip Daniel, French Honorary Consul for Merseyside, members of Jim’s Regiment (senior and young), his family and Residents gathered in the Market Place awaiting Jim’s arrival.

Jim made his grand entrance to the tune of ‘There will always be an England’ and a grand rouse of applause.  He was truly surprised and looked emotional when he saw everyone.

Philip Daniel presented Jim with his medal and spoke in French whilst doing so.  This was very moving and a lot of teas of joy by shed by all.

Then the party began and Jim enjoyed meeting his comrades and young men of the Regiment as well as spending time with his family.

We would like to thank everyone who contributed to making this a special day for Jim.

A truly memorable and proud day for everyone.

Maria Deegan
Nurse Manager