Thank you

January 5th, 2015

“Please pass this letter on to anyone who looks after my Mum, Margaret.

Dear all

You must come across many wonderful and special people in the course of the work you do. My Mum is one of the special people too and I want to say a few things about the work that you do and the care that you give.

Until you go through it, Palliative care is something that happens to others. It is a challenging and reflection time – because of the work you do I have time to reflect on all the magic things that I love about my Mum – it is the work that you do that gives me the space to do that.

The work each of you do is important, worthwhile and meaningful.

All I want for my Mum is that she is comfortable and does not suffer – and I want you all to know that desire seems to be shared by each and everyone of you and I am trying to find the words to capture how much I appreciate and am grateful for what you do.

The thing that stands out for me is the ‘joy’ you go about your work. ‘Joy’ may seem a strange word to pick – but you always have a smile, a friendly word – you exude care with what seems like a deep understanding of what Mum and the family are going through – so thank you.

I hope that when you get time with your family and friends that you have a wonderful Christmas – my gift to you is simply a huge lump of gratitude – my Mum is wonderful and I thank you so much for helping keep her that way.

Thank you

Merry Christmas


25th December 2014