Knitting Club

March 1st, 2015

Residents and staff on Rhona House wish to thank all those who generously donated knitting needles and wool for out knitting club.

We began the knitting club on 19th February 2015 and the ladies who attended chatted about what they enjoyed knitting when they were younger. The conversation led to discussions regarding rations during the war, Vivienne questioned the need to air raid shelters which lead onto a discussion about Green Lane Library and how bullet holes can still be seen in the wall. Vivienne then expressed her disappointment at how the building has deteriorated since it has been closed as previously it was a beautiful building. The conversation moved on and Vivienne shared her stories about going to the Grafton and Locarno when they were dance halls, this led on to the ladies reminiscing about their jobs, where they worked etc. Monica mentioned that she worked as a Domestic Science Teacher in the Friary and she talked about the people that she had worked with, through this conversation it was identified that Monica worked with another Resident on the unit, Frances.

The knitting club on Rhona House got off to a brilliant start and will continue to meet weekly.  

Maria Deegan
Nurse Manager