Dignity Day 2015

February 13th, 2015

On 2nd February 2015 we used Dignity Day to celebrate the achievements of our Residents and staff throughout the year.

As a team we revisited the word ‘Dignity’, we reviewed what it has come to mean to us and our Residents. To share this information with everyone we demonstrated our achievements with visual aids, using photographs of the years events and achievements.

To demonstrate what we have all accomplished we used each letter of the word ‘Dignity’ to represent:

Diversity: Different needs

Imaginative: Activities, Care Plans

Giving: Time, care, energy

Nutrition: Health eating, choice

Involvement: Residents, staff & families

Togetherness: Activities, carers, family, coffee shop

Yearly: Celebrations, events, birthdays, special days

All the photographs demonstrated the outstanding achievements of our Residents and staff. For example: writing letters to friends, baking competitions, staff performing a pantomime for Residents, Residents playing guitar and piano, a Resident giving piano lessons, the Sisters providing comfort and much appreciated pastoral support, annual derby day – where Residents demonstrated their skills with hand ball, sheet ball and scoring goals, many annual events, themed days and birthday celebrations, food tasters and celebrating nutrition day.

Christopher Grange also takes great pride in the way that we celebrate and remember past Residents in our annual remembrance service. All families, Residents, staff and the Sisters come together in a service of remembrance where a candle is lit to represent each resident who have had their name entered into the remembrance book. This is a small snap shot of what we all triumph at.

Residents, families and staff all met in the Market Place where refreshments of tea and homemade cakes where enjoyed by all. One of the Residents Jan played her guitar and everyone joined in singing out favourite songs. There was lots of laughter as we all tried to remember the correct words, which ended up with a few ‘lar, lars’ being sung. The pictures were a point of discussion reminding everybody of all the wonderful events that have taken place and the enjoyable times that everyone has had. It also served as a tool for staff to reflect on the joy they bring to our Residents and their families which is inspirational.

Maria Deegan
Nurse Manager