Christmas Pantomine

January 2nd, 2015

Capture2On Friday 18th December 2014 the staff on Vincent House performed a Christmas pantomime for the Residents on their unit.

The pantomime was called ‘Scousearella’ and the staff involved the Residents, who enjoyed singing along and trying on the glass slipper.

During the interval the Residents enjoyed mince pies and drinks of their choice.Capture4

The staff involved worked hard and enjoyed doing the performance for the Residents on Vincent House, it was so successful they have been asked to perform again.

Families of the residents also came to watch the performance and commented that it was great to see the staff so devoted to the Residents.

The Residents enjoyed the humour from the pantomime and said that it was funny and entertaining.

One of the Residents on Vincent House Doreen was quoted as saying “it was a much better do than I expected, it was good to be able to have a good laugh over something”.

Sarah McStein
Unit Manager