Christmas 2014

January 5th, 2015

Throughout December 2014 the Residents of Christopher Grange gathered for various Christmas related activities.

On the 1st December 2014 staff and Residents decorated their individual unit Christmas trees and then on the 3rd December 2014 Residents gathered in the Market Place to help decorate the Christmas tree whilst listening to music and enjoying mince pies and sherry!

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On the 4th December 2014 some of our Residents attended St Paul’s School in West Derby to enjoy Christmas lunch.

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On the 12th December 2014 some of our Residents attended a Christmas party at Dovecot Mac.

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On the 15th December 2014 Residents on Andrew House participated in Christmas craft and made Christmas cards.

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On the 23rd December 2014 Residents decorated chocolate logs and then on 24th December 2014 Residents met in the Market Place while we judged our winner.

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Christmas Day was a time for families and friends to celebrate Christmas with their loved ones and for Residents to enjoy their Christmas Dinner!

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