Derby Day

December 1st, 2014

On Wednesday 26th November 2014 Rhona House held their first ‘Liverpool Derby Day’.website (2)

Liverpudlians and Evertonians came together with great anticipation for a good result from the days events.

Kick off started at 3pm with sheet ball, result a draw, too much giggling taking place, no goals scored!

Hand ball resulted in a few yellow cards being given out for excessive tomfoolery and wide shots!

website 3The penalty shoot out resulted in Everton winning one nil and the Liverpool goalie feeling very bruised, both teams abilities where inhibited by all the laughter. Ron scoring the only goal!

Lots of cheating took place during the quiz on Liverpool; Pat was the winner, disputed by all!!!

We then had a few bevies and did the conga, no straight line kept here! Ivy started off the karaoke singing Liverpool Lou and everyone joined in, we even had musical instruments! We all enjoyed singing Liverpool songs.

We all came together as a united team and danced the evening away, topped off with fab scran of scouse, beetroot and crusty bread.

Maria Deegan
Nurse Manager