Mobility Programme

November 16th, 2011

As part of his Individual Mobility Programme at St Vincent’s, Mahmood, one of our Year 11 pupils, has been working on his bus travel skills.  Over the last term, Mahmood built up his knowledge of a route to a local bus stop, forming a ‘mental map’ to enable him to complete the route without instruction.  After successfully achieving this, Mahmood then built up his knowledge of a set sequence of procedures necessary to safely board a bus and complete a journey.  This required confidence and hard-work, and Mahmood, always one to enjoy a challenge, gave his very best to each lesson.

After several weeks of learning, he boarded the No.61 bus to the shops near Alder Hey.  Mahmood remembered all that he had learned and successfully completed the journey on the two occasions required of his programme; he was very proud of himself, as I was of him.  Once at the shops, Mahmood enjoyed the opportunity to reward himself with a purchase from a convenience store.

In reflection, Mahmood said of bus travel – “I really enjoyed the experience; and using the bus saved me a long walk to the shops to get some Pringles”.  Bus travel is one of the most daunting and difficult aspects of the mobility programme, and Mahmood completed it with a proud determination.  Well done Mahmood…you deserve the highest praise, and your Pringles.

Dave Benbow
Mobility Officer

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