Broughton Hall Awareness Event

November 16th, 2011

On Monday 17th October, St Vincent’s Mobility department took part in a ‘Mobility and Orientation Awareness’ event at Broughton Hall High School.  Our Mobility department provided the Year 7 pupils with foundation knowledge of taught mobility skills, such as acting as sighted-guide for a visually-impaired person.

The pupils also had the opportunity to carry out a series of routine domestic tasks under blindfold, to replicate the challenges and experiences faced by individuals with visual impairment.  These included buttering a slice of bread, filling a glass of water, coin recognition, and separating colours/whites for a wash using a ‘colour indicator’ device.  Some of our Post-16 pupils, Megan and Robert, were also on-hand to lend their experience and guidance to the girls, and their contributions and insights were valuable to the session.

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