Takeover Day

November 14th, 2011

What Form 3C thought about Takeover Day

Caleb: “I was the ICT Teacher for the day. I found out how difficult it was teaching 10 pupils at the same time. My brain was spinning around with so much information.”

Jordan: “I was music assistant for the day. I really wanted this role because music is my favourite subject I think that I am very good at it. One of the students started playing the drums in the middle of the lesson although I thought it was funny I had to give him a detention, then send him to Mr Laidler’s office.

Nicole: I took over the Head of Care’s job, it was interesting. I enjoyed going to all the meetings and leading the primary independent social skills session.

Marla: “Before takeover day I had to have an interview to see if I was suitable for the job of English Teacher. The reason I chose this role is because I love English and I’m good at spelling things out for people.”