Art Auction

December 1st, 2012

The Gallery in Liverpool recently held a charity art auction for St Vincent’s school.

Pupils from school were involved in many aspects of the evening. Kathryn, our Head Girl, particularly enjoyed being interviewed on the radio by Roger Philips. The fortunate pupils who attended on the evening had a wonderful night thoroughly enjoying the excitement of an auction.

The main event of the evening was a raffle for an original piece of art work by artist Charlie Frais, who also helped organise the auction. Charlie wanted to paint a picture of school that all our pupils were able to enjoy. Pupils brailed their thoughts of St Vincent’s for Charlie who them incorporated their messages into his abstract painting.

Angela Morrissey was the very lucky winner who then kindly donated the painting to school. It now hangs in the main corridor for all to enjoy.  Thank you Charlie and Angela.

St Vincent’s Pupils Kathryn (Head Girl) and Robert showing auction pieces