“Spreading the Christmas spirit in our local community…”

December 14th, 2012

Over the last term, our Post-16 students, as part of their BTEC Personal Development and Well-being programme, have been working towards the course remit of making a positive contribution to our community, whilst improving their own personal well-being.  As such, it was decided that the group would raise funds for our annual Christmas initiative; the giving of a Christmas hamper to retired members of the surrounding local area.

To raise money, the students took part in a sponsored Triathlon (running / cycling / swimming), and this met the dual-fold objective of generating the necessary funds whilst simultaneously improving the fitness of the individuals.  The students then had to consider appropriate gifts, compose a shopping list for over 60 hampers, and complete the purchasing, wrapping and distribution.  This required them to utilise a range of cross-curricular learning, ranging from mathematics to organisational ability to social interaction skills.   They achieved all of their targets most successfully, and to the delight and appreciation of the elderly members of our community.