IMG_2680We try to make it possible for our Residents to live their lives as fully as possible; in particular we do the following:

    We aim, as part of the assessent process, to encourage potential Residents to share with us as much information as possible about their social, cultural and leisure interest as a basis for helping them when they come to live here. Even those who are very ill can still share in some of the activities.

    We have a dedicated Activities Organiser who is responsible, with help from others, for the activities and outings in Christopher Grange and we have a specially adapted minibus which we use for these. We aim to assist Residents to enjoy a wide range of individual and group activities and interest both inside and outside of Christopher Grange. We encourage Residents as far as possible to carry on with existing hobbies and relationships, and to explore new avenues and experiences. All Residents are encouraged to use the communal areas and grounds of the home. Those who wish to remain in their rooms may do so.

    Our Activities Organisers ensure that there are organised social activities in individual units and also within the whole building. We hope that friendships among Residents will develop, and that Residents will enjoy being part of our community. However all Residents retain the freedom of choice as to whether they participate in activities/events.