Legacy & Free Will Service

If you leave a legacy to Christopher Grange Visual Rehabilitation Centre, you will enable us to persevere in our efforts to make a difference in the lives of our service users. It would really help us to know your intentions if you are thinking of leaving a gift in your Will. This will allow us to plan ahead and to say thank you properly. Please be assured that we appreciate that leaving a legacy is a very personal and important decision and any information will be kept strictly confidential.

You may also use the free Will Service provided by the Catholic Blind Institute. In return you may wish to remember the Visual Rehabilitation Centre by leaving a donation in your will, however there is no obligation to do so. Below are issues we must all consider.

  •  Without a Will, who will inherit your assets?
  • What happens if your beneficiaries are disabled? Who will manage their assets? Will they lose their benefits?
  • Will an unmarried partner receive anything if you die?
  • Does your family have to pay inheritance Tax?
  • Will your family know what to do when you die? Who is in charge?
  • Protect your assets for your children if you die and your spouse remarries.
  • Are you already re-married and have children to a previous marriage? Look after their interests.
  • Do you have a child aged under l8? You must appoint a guardian.
  • What happens if you no longer have the capacity’ to manage your own affairs?
  • Will your assets / your inheritance from your parents be taken if you / they need long term care?
  • Will your assets be lost if your child divorces after your death?
  • Can anyone claim against your estate after your death?
  • What happens if you have a stroke/suffer from dementia and lose the mental capacity to manage your property and financial affairs?


For further information contact John Howell LL.B (Hons) LL.M who is a Wills specialist on 0151 928 8597 or 07850 030 100.