50:50 Club


5 great cash prizes to be won every month!

1st Prize is 30% of the income, plus, 4 further prizes of 5% each.

How the CBI 50:50 CLUB works:

It’s very simple…

All you have to do is buy a minimum monthly stake of £1. You increase your chances of winning with the more stakes you purchase. Each month, all the stakes are pooled together and 30% of the monthly prize money goes to one lucky winner who is drawn each month, with a further 4 cash prizes of 5% of the total. So, the more money in the pot each month, the bigger the prize!

The remaining 50% is donated to CBI. CBI will use the funds to provide our services to children, families and adults. If you are a lucky winner you will be notified by CBI via email or in the post.

So, please support the CBI 50:50 CLUB by setting up your membership today.  You can contact us on 0151 230 5097 or via email tonioshaughnessy@catholicblindinstitute.org 

You could be a winner!