50:50 Club



5 great cash prizes to be won every month!

1st Prize is 30% of the income, plus, 4 further prizes of 5% each.

How the CBI 50:50 CLUB works:

It’s very simple…

All you have to do is buy a minimum monthly stake of £1. You increase your chances of winning with the more stakes you purchase. Each month, all the stakes are pooled together and 30% of the monthly prize money goes to one lucky winner who is drawn each month, with a further 4 cash prizes of 5% of the total. So, the more money in the pot each month, the bigger the prize!

The remaining 50% is donated to CBI. CBI will use the funds to provide our services to children, families and adults. If you are a lucky winner, your unique member number will be posted on the website and you will be notified by CBI in the post.

Your personal details will not be featured anywhere. So, please support the CBI 50:50 CLUB by filling in the form opposite and setting up your membership today.

You could be a winner!

And the winners for June’s draw are:

1st Prize of £125.40 goes to Mrs Angela Martin

Runner up prize of £20.90 goes to Mrs E A Jones               

Runner up prize of £20.90 goes to Miss Paula Rothwell 

Runner up prize of £20.90 goes to Ian Hatch   

Runner up prize of £20.90 goes to Jamrs and Tricia Heaton