Philosophy of Care

    IMG_2103Our Philosophy reflects our commitment to provide a home for all who come to live here.

    Some are people who wish to maintain their independence but recognise that they require a greater degree of support than they were able to receive in their own homes.

    Others require nursing and end of life care and can receive the care and support they need at this critical time in their lives while living with us.

    We place the rights of our residents at the forefront of our philosophy of care.  We seek to advance these rights in all aspects of the environment and the services we provide and to encourage our residents and their families to exercise these rights to the full.

    We strive to create a warm atmosphere where all feel welcome; where there is companionship, privacy and a quality of care that is loving and respectful.

    We recognise that our care is the whole “community” at Christopher Grange who all contribute to the wellbeing of each other, recognising and respecting personal dignity and encouraging the realisation of potential.

    We make every effort to meet the physical, psychological, social, spiritual and emotional needs of our residents and we have adapted the environment so that our residents can either move around themselves or be taken with safety and security.