Welcome to Christopher Grange


    Christopher Grange COVID-19 Announcement

    Due to COVID-19, please be advised that with the exception of medical staff Christopher Grange is not accepting visitors. We are doing everything in our power to keep our residents safe by following Government and Liverpool City Council guidelines. Skype has now been installed, please ring the Unit mobile to arrange a date and time.

    Mobile for Family and friends of residents only:

    Andrew/Greenside: 07833337003      Skype: Andrewhouse2@outlook.com
    Marillac: 07768652645                         Skype: Marillachouse1@outlook.com
    Vincent: 07393314085                          Skype: Vincenthouse3@outlook.com
    Rhona: 07827066485                            Skype: Rhonahouse4@outlook.com 

    Staff will do their very best to accommodate your request.  Our residents needs are paramount and there may be times when staff are not able to facilitate your request at the exact date and time you request.   Please note the Skype email address for your records.


    We hope that you find it interesting and easy to navigate however, we appreciate that there are many questions for you to consider prior to choosing a suitable care home and that many of these questions will only be answered by visiting us personally.

    If you would like more information or to arrange a visit please go to our contact page.