Massive Thanks…..

May 6th, 2014

Deaks 2On Sunday 13th April 6 fantastic supporters of St Vincent’s school took to the pavements of London for the world renowned Virgin London Marathon.

This is the fourth year school have managed to secure runners in the marathon, but never before have we seen such innovation and commitment. We have seen them take part in hot dog eating competitions, , golf tournaments, charity bag packs and various other fantastic ways of not only helping to raise the profile of our fantastic school but also help to raise much needed funds for our children. We also seen 27 pupils and teachers from Alsop enter the Liverpool Half marathon to help raise funds for St Vincent’s.

 Deaks 4

All of this would not have been possible without the support of pupil mentor Paul Deakin from Alsop High School,   Paul has ran the London Marathon for the past 3yrs for St Vincent’s. Possibly the most sporting person we have ever known, Paul is a keen footballer, golfer, skier and of course runner to name just a few of his sporting activities. However this year was slightly more challenging for Paul as he suffered a fracture in his leg as the result of a heavy tackle in a football game so training had to be placed on hold for many weeks while his bones healed. This however didn’t deter him from organising various fundraising events and maintaining his fitness through swimming and light exercise. Even managing to attend a skiing trip just days before the marathon, he is for sure an adrenalin junkie.

Regardless of the issues Paul faced over the months he and his army of runners managed to finish the London Marathon with the following amazing times:

Paul Deakin 5:52:26

Gary Judge Snr 3:01:51

Gary Judge 3:41:35

Luke Daley 4:41:43

Callum Shaw 4:41:43

Jennie Rooney 4:43:37


A MASSIVE well done and huge thanks for all of their hard work and completing the gruelling 26 mile track. And special thanks to Gary Judge who showed his dedication to St Vincent’s by running in the marathon even when his pending fatherhood was literally hours away. Gary and his partner welcomed a little girl into the world just hours after the London Marathon, thankfully he managed to jump the train home to Liverpool in time for her arrival.

Thanks to all of the supporters who have helped us to reach our target. We aim to refurbish the living quarters of our school, helping to make it a much more modern and youthful area. Many of our pupils are residential and therefore it is vital that we can provide them with a home from home feel. Currently the residential quarters are a little dated and tired looking, this injection of cash will help to purchase new furnishings and give it a makeover which I know will be to the delight of the children.

We would like to give special thanks to Rathbones Investment Managers who kindly donated £700 towards our cause- this is a huge donation and we are extremely grateful. Now to start the rest and recuperation process for our runners and to start filling places for the main event next year.


On your Marks…..Set…..Go

January 22nd, 2014



The Virgin London Marathon will be  taking place in April and we have 6 runners taking part. Each of the runners have been set a challenge to raise as much in sponsorship as possible. This isn’t something they have taken lightly and it shows with the weird and wonderful fundraising ideas they have come up with, so far we have:

Held a Christmas Charity Bag Pack

Managed to gain match funding on our donations through

We have a golf tournament on the 3rd February

A hot dog eating competition which will be held in Alsop High School on the 7th Feb

A charity bucket collection in the Green Rooms

Sponsorship from a local building company for our runners shirts

Train tickets donated through Virgin railway


Although we still have a long way to go to reach our target and until the big day itself  I think you will agree the efforts made by all are magnificent. We are very grateful for all the support and voluntary contributions we receive as a charity and I thought it was important to show the hard work that goes on behind the scenes.



December 5th, 2013


We would like to offer our sincerest thanks to Iceland Norris Green for their support in allowing us to carry out a charity bag pack,

without this income and ability to get out into the community we would be very restricted with the projects we can carry out throughout the year.

Thank you to all the staff for your help and patience and also to the shoppers that gave so generously.